Natural ways to Get Rid of Genital Warts


Clinical Strength Somxl® removes and gets rid of genital warts. There are many ways to remove genital warts and customers often want a treatment to get rid of genital warts that is not harsh on the sensitive skin area of the genitals. Clinical Strength Somxl® is formulated from ingredients that will not damage the sensitive skin of the genital area in fact its developed to help the skin rejuvenate the area after the wart has been removed. Somxl® will give you a treatment that will leave you without scars or pain during the process of removal.

Other natural alternatives that can be used, that can be less invasive and less painful than laser surgery or acid treatments.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar or (ACV) has antimicrobial effects that have shown some effect as an antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal agent. To use this just add water to two parts apple cider vinegar. After the solution is mixed apply it to the area affected using a cotton ball that is clean. Then use tape or a bandage to cover the area. Keep repeating this process for the next few weeks. The Apple cider Vinegar is acidic so try not to get too much on healthy skin or it may damage it. If it works the warts will turn black and will start to fall off over time leaving a small mark where the wart was once.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very acidic and because of this it can break down the wart and perhaps attack the virus, although this is not proven. This application is similar to how the Apple Cider Vinegar was applied. It is also recommended not to apply the solution to the healthy skin surrounding the wart or it may cause damage also. Take three vitamin C tablets and crush them down to a powder. Then add them to a bowl with a small amount of water. Mix them up into a paste that is fine. Take the fine paste and rub it onto the wart or warts and then bandage over them. There maybe some burning initially but it should not last. Re-apply this process daily until the wart begins to shrink and falls off. On average depending on the size of the warts this will take three to four weeks.

Clinical Strength Somxl® can help you privately get rid of genital warts without embarrassment, it will be safe to use and will not damage or burn your skin. Your skin will be returned to the healthy state it was before the genital wart disease.