What’s The Best Thing About Western And Eastern Massage Techniques?

Western And Eastern Massage

Have you finally decided to try the massage spa in Miami? There are many techniques that a licensed therapist working in a body massage Miami will recommend such as the western and eastern style of massage. If you haven’t heard any of these massages, let me give you a quick overview of both massage techniques before making a final decision on what will suit your needs.

Overview of Eastern Massage

Massage unknown to many isn’t only application of lotion or infused oils on the client’s body and kneading to provide relaxation. There are certain techniques applied based on a client’s health condition and specific needs. Eastern massage Miami uses a holistic technique to bring back balance in the body and its vital organs as well as the nervous and digestive system.

If you are recommended by a licensed therapist at a spa in Miami, expect a thorough diagnosis prior the actual massage treatment. The attending therapist for that day will check on your pulse to determine imbalances inside your body. This style of massage aims to discover the real cause of your pain or discomfort such as tightness in muscle joints or pain along the lower back. Once a complete diagnosis has been done the therapist will perform special massage technique to relieve the affected areas of the body, concentrating more on the body’s energy meridians.

Types of Eastern Massage

Now, let’s explore the different types of eastern massage techniques that you may come across at a spa in Miami.

● Ayurvedic Massage
Under the Ayurvedic massage technique, yoga and meditation play a major role. Its aim is to bring the body into a balanced state by balancing the energies. The therapist doing this special message will use heated herbal oils and apply them directly on the patient’s skin to reduce any tension build-up.

● Balinese Massage
Another popular eastern massage technique is the inspired Asian massage from Bali, Balinese massage. This style of body massage includes acupressure, skin rolling and flicking, firm and light stroking, percussion and use of essential oils. The goal of this type of eastern massage that is offered in spa Miami has stimulated the lymphatic system and improved blood circulation.

● Shiatsu
This eastern massage approach combines Zhi ya and tui na massage techniques alongside with other methods like rolling vibration and strumming on the client’s body. The assigned body massage Miami therapist will apply enough pressure on the muscles using only his or her fingers, thumbs, and palm. This type of massage is often found in the spa massage packages in spa Miami.

● Tui Na
This type of eastern massage is quite similar to western massage because it also uses stretching and kneading of muscles. The difference of Tui Na from western massage could be found on its desired outcome in the end and that is to release the tension present in the larger areas of the body. This is done by concentrating on the muscles. Tui Na is often combined with alternative Chinese medical practices to treat the body.

● Zhi Ya
Zhi Ya is an example of Chinese Asian massage that uses acupressure. The therapist will initially identify the issues of the client, then, apply pinching and pressing on the specific points that connect the body and nerves.

● Thai Yoga Massage
This eastern Asian massage isn’t only a message, but a traditional healing approach that combines acupressure, Ayurvedic massage, and yoga to relieve client’s pain or discomfort.

Types of Western Massage

The target of western massage technique is to promote relaxation, circulation, flexibility and relieve tensed muscles. Clients who will choose a western style of massage can expect the licensed therapist at the spa Miami to perform these five strokes; gliding, tapping, vibration, friction, and kneading. Here are the common western techniques that a therapist at the body massage Miami will recommend:

● Deep Tissue Massage
This special type of western massage targets the realignment of the deep layers of the muscle and connective tissue. It’s quite similar to Swedish massage, but can be a bit intense as the therapist tries to focus on the deeper layers. The ideal clients who can be suitable for this type of massage treatment are those suffering from chronic pain due to muscle tightness.

● Myofascial Release Massage
The Myofascial release massage aims to loosen and relax muscles through the application of pressure and manipulation. The message applied by the therapist usually includes intense stretching, sometimes aided with a traction instrument.

● Swedish Massage
The therapist will apply oil or lotion and execute long, light strokes referred “effleurage” with other strokes (kneading, stretching, friction and tapping). The goal of this type of western massage Miami is promoting relaxation and improve blood circulation, which makes it ideal for clients with hypertension.

● Soft Tissue Massage
The targeted parts of a soft tissue massage are the muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue. The spa Miami therapist will apply a variety of depths and pressures with different durations depending on the client’s needs. The soft tissue massage aims to minimize pain due to injury or worn out soft tissues.
There you have it some of the valuable information on eastern and western massage techniques. If you are still having apprehensions on what type of massage will be appropriate for you, better consult a credible body massage Miami therapist.